Metal Fabrication (Grades 11-12)


    Course Overview:

    In this course students will learn metal fabrication processes and techniques that will enable them to pursue a variety of careers within business and industry. Students will receive instruction in the proper set-up, adjustment, maintenance and use of welding and fabrication shop equipment. The first year, exploratory in nature, study will rotate between welding and machining skill development. Second year students shall specialize in either precision machining or welding.

    Course Content:

    Basic math
    Print reading
    Panel restoration
    Precision machining
    Custom body modification
    Sheet metal work

    Students Supplied Equipment:

    Students will need to provide some basic tools including safety glasses, welding helmet, leather welding gloves, and tape measure.

    Length of Course: One or Two Years

    Dual Credit: Offered through Ivy Tech- Wabash Valley

    These credits can be obtained through completing the two-year course sequence in metal fabrication.

    WELD 108 Shield Metal Arc Welding I 3 credits
    WELD 207 Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) 3 credits

    WELD 208 Tungsten Gas Arc Welding 3 credits

    Instructor: Mr. Mark Scranton