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    Information Technology

    The Information Technology program is focused on providing students with hands-on training, giving them a great foundation to move on to college, or to begin a career in the computing field. For interested students, there's also a possibility of earning a certification such as CompTIA's A+.

    The coursework focuses on several aspects of the IT industry, including hardware, operating systems, programming, networking, security, and culture. Emphasis is also place on job skills such as resume building, interviewing, and soft skills.

    The year begins with a brief look at computer history, including the major players and milestones of the past 80 years. We quickly move on to hardware, which involves identifying the components of a computer, and learning how to assemble, disassemble, and replace parts in a PC.

    Operating systems are a significant component of the class. We'll learn what they do, how to install them, and how file systems work. We'll work mostly in a virtualized environment running Linux, and spend time learning how to use a command line interface.

    The programming unit is also Linux based. Students will learn the basic structures of programming theory by creating programs from scratch. Variables, arrays, loops, and subroutines will all be utilized to build a variety of small software tools.

    In networking, we'll learn about the OSI model, how to make Ethernet cables, and the basics of designing and setting up home and small business networks.

    The computer security industry is more important than ever, and students will develop a solid background in the best practices of security. We'll learn about the biggest threats to computers and networks, including viruses and hackers, and how to keep them at bay.

    The course also deals with other aspects of the IT industry, such as copyright law, software licensing, and the culture surrounding IT workers.


    • Available to juniors and seniors
    • Interest in computers as a career
    • Good knowledge of computer applications

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