Fire Rescue (Grades 11-12)


    Prepare students for an entry level position and/or further educational study in the field of Firefighting and Fire Sciences. With the skills learned from this program the students will be familiar with the training, expectations, roles, and responsibilities placed upon them during fire and rescue emergencies.

    Course Objectives:

    In the Fire Sciences program the students will learn the structure, operations, and basic tactical knowledge for fire and rescue emergencies through simulated laboratory experience which includes live fire training. They will also learn the importance of team building, command structure, physcal fitness, and professionalism as it pertains to the fire service. The course is taught by two Captains in the Bloomington Fire Department.

    Program Completion Requirements:

    Student must have a passing grade, display an understanding and ability to implement employment skills necessary for certification of Firefighter I/II, and demonstrates the practical proficiencies as defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS).
    Employable Competencies:

    1. Observes Rules

    2. Maintain Professional Appearance

    3. Assumes Responsibilities

    4. Punctuality/Attendance

    5. Works Without Supervision

    6. Completes Tasks as Assigned

    7. Welcomes Constructive Criticism

    8. Works Well With Others

    9. Demonstrates a Positive Attitude

    10. Performs as a Leader and a Follower

    NFPA/IDHS Practical Skills Evaluation

    1. Fire Service Communication

    2. Fire Extinguishers

    3. Fire Control/Suppression

    4. Fire Prevention

    5. Forcible Entry

    6. Fire Hose

    7. Ladders

    8. Overhaul

    9. Personal Protective Equipment

    10. Rescue

    11. Ropes and Knots

    12. Fire Ground Safety

    13. Salvage

    14. Sprinklers

    15. Ventilation

    16. Water Supply

    17. CPR

    Students who successfully meet requirements of the course and university may earn dual credit from Ivy Tech Community College.


    Sgt. Jaydon Hoffman  jshoffma@mccsc.edu 

    Sgt. Ben Slinkard