• Culinary Arts Info Flyer 

    Culinary Arts and Professional Baking (Grades 11-12)

    You will learn:
    Students in the Culinary Arts and Professional Baking program learn to operate in a simulated commercial kitchen where they select and prepare foods, serve customers, alter recipes, use quantity cookery, decorate cakes, and cater special events. General restaurant management isstressed while students learn portion control, cashier responsibilities, cleanliness standards, and safety procedures.

    Practical Experience:
    In order to gain real-world experience, students operate a restaurant onsite. ONce a week, students prepare and serve a complete lunch menu to the public. In addition, students fill orders for custom cakes and cater special events. Food-related field trips are usually taken two to three times during the year. The program also works closely with local chefs.

    Internship Opportunities:
    Students may participate in internships. Internship duration is generally three to five weeks.

    Course Objectives:
    Culinary Arts is a two-year course, and the curriculum is on a two-year rotation, so each student will complete all areas of instruction, regardless of the year they enter the program.

    The first year of the program focuses on exposure to a wide range of food preparations. Second year students experience greater detail and more complex preparations which build upon fundamentals acquired during the first year of study.

    Year One:
    Baking with yeast
    Desserts and sauces
    Ingredients and equipment in the bakery
    Ordering, receiving and storing food
    Pies and pastries
    Quick breads
    Salads and dressings

    Year Two:
    Cereals and pasta
    Eggs and cheese
    Kitchen brigade
    Meat-beef, veal, pork, lamb
    Meat preparation
    Pre-preparation of fruits and vegetables
    Reading recipes- increasing and decreasing
    Stocks and soups
    Use and care of equipment

    Leadership Opportunities:
    Students participate in local and regional SkillsUSA cooking competitions for the opportunity to compete for scholarships at the state level. In addition to receiving scholarships, winners of state-level contests may also advance to a national competition.

    Student Profile:
    A successful student in Culinary Arts and Professional Baking should possess good interpersonal skills, physical stamina for standing during extended periods of time, be responsible and dependable, be service-oriented, have a personal commitment to high quality work, have a good work ethic, pay attention to detail, and have a positive attitude.

    Suggested Prerequisites:
    Nutrition and Foods

    Student Supplied Materials:
    The student must provide a notebook, recipe file, cake decorating kit, a chef's coat and hat, and appropriate closed-toed shoes.

    Program Schedule:
    Open to Juniors and Seniors, 2 or 4 semesters, 1 or 2 blocks a day

    Completion of the Culinary Arts and Professional Baking course prepares students for:
    Employment in hospital, nursing home, school, or other food service setting
    Employment as a cook or professional baker
    Post-secondary education at a culinary arts school in hospitatlity or hote/restaurant management

     Josh Cain