• What is Hoosier Hills Career Center?

    Hoosier Hills Career Center offers programs in career development for high school students as part of their high school curricula.

    Career Center programs reflect employment needs with the service area, and program content is updated through the use of Advisory Committees, whose membership includes people working in the various occupational fields.

    Who can attend the Career Center?

    Hoosier Hills Career Center serves students from The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship, Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Eastern Greene, Edgewood, Martinsville, and Owen Valley high schools. Most Career Center classes are only open to junior and senior students, however a growing number of our programs are being developed for freshmen and sophomore students at North and South high schools. Contact the Career Center or your home school counselor to learn more about the course you are interested in taking.

    Can I still complete the requirements for the Core 40 Diploma if I attend the Career Center?

    Taking Career Center courses can consume many of your elective credits, but with careful planning starting in the eighth grade you can complete the Core 40 requirements and attend the classes offered at the Career Center.

    What is the Technical Honors Diploma?

    The Technical Honors Diploma was designed to reward students that excel in their academic and career focused studies. The requirements of this diploma are listed below.


    • Students must complete all requirements for the Core 40 diploma
    • Earn 6 credits in the college and career preparation courses in a state-approved College & Career Pathway and one of the following:
    1.   State approved, industry recognized certification or credential, or
    2. Pathway dual credits from the approved dual credit list resulting in 6 transcripted college credits
    • Earn a grade of "C" or better in courses that will count toward the diploma
    • Have a grade point average of a "B" or better
    • Complete one of the following:
    1. Any one of the options (A-F) of the Core 40 with Academic Honors
    2. Earn the following scores or higher on Work Keys: Reading for Information-Level 6, Applied Mathematics-Level 6, and Locating Information-Level 5
    3. Earn the following minimum score(s) on Accuplacer: Writing 80, Reading 90, Math 75
    4. Earn the following minimum score(s) on Compass: Algebra 66, Writing 70, Reading 80

    Can I graduate with both Academic and Technical honors?

    Yes!  Many students will graduate with both Academic and Technical honors.  See your guidance counselor at your home school or come see us at any time to create a plan to graduate with both of these honors.
    What will my school day look like?

    The Career Center offers classes in the morning from 7:45-10:30 and afternoon classes from 11:45-2:40. Some of our courses are available in shorter blocks of time and are designed to meet your scheduling needs. To learn if the class you are interested in has alternative scheduling options contact the Career Center office at (812) 330-7730.

    Gas is expensive. How will I get to the Career Center?

    Transportation is provided to and from our campus. If your school is not in session, you are not required to attend your Career Center class.

    Do Career Center students go on to college?

    Absolutely!!! In fact, the Career Center offers dual credit with Ivy Tech Community College for many of our programs. These credits will save you both time and money, two very valuable resources that you will appreciate after graduation. The Career Center also awards a number of scholarships annually to our seniors to assist them with the costs of their post secondary education. Some students are also able to get better paying jobs after high school as a result of their Career Center training. So if you need to work while attending classes you will be better prepared to pay your bills and take out fewer loans.


    I still have a few questions.
    Please feel free to contact our office at 812-330-7730 or stop by during school hours.