As we begin the school year, it gives me great pleasure, on behalf of the faculty and staff, to welcome you to South and wish you good luck for the coming year. We are pledging our full support in helping you achieve your goals and as our school mission states, we hope to provide you with an atmosphere that is conducive to your development as a high school student and as a person in later life. Your commitment, dedication, and desire to be a learner is vital to helping us achieve our mission.

    Now is the time to lay the foundation for your future. A high school diploma is a significant achievement, but it is not enough to ensure your success. In addition, there needs to be a solid record of academic achievement, participation outside the classroom and a good record of attendance. These are elements that may seem small, but they help open doors and create opportunities for you after high school.

    High school is intended to be a tremendous growth experience for you and a time that you can reflect on in later years with pleasure. Your personal growth will be greatly enhanced if you become involved in a variety of school activities and get to know the people at South. Without a doubt, the students, faculty, and staff are our greatest resource, and each of us needs to make an effort to support each other.

    Bloomington High School South is a school rich in tradition with an outstanding reputation for success. Help add to that tradition, and take full advantage of everything South has to offer. It is great to be a Panther!

    With Panther Pride,

    The Bloomington High School South
    Administration, Faculty and Staff


    2022-23 Bloomington High School South Student Handbook



    This Student Handbook was developed to answer many of the commonly asked questions that you and your parents may have during the school year and to provide specific information about certain Board Policies and Guidelines. Please take time to become familiar with the following important information contained in this Handbook and keep it available for frequent reference.

    This Handbook replaces all prior handbooks and other written material on the same subjects. This Handbook does not equate to an irrevocable contractual commitment to the student, but only reflects the current status of the Board’s policies and the School’s rules as of the writing of this document. If any of the policies or administrative guidelines are revised, the language in the most current policy or administrative guideline prevails. Copies of current Board policies and administrative guidelines are available from the building principal.

    Dear Old B.H.S.

    (By Mary Steen, Class of ‘30 to the tune of Washington and Lee Swing)

    Now here’s to you our dear Old B.H.S.
    We’ll fight for you and do our very best
    We know our team will win that game tonight,
    And we are here to help the cause,
    Come on let’s fight

    We’ll win that old ball game; we’ve got the pep,
    We’ll make that other ball team lose their step
    Now here’s to you our honor defend,
    You can win,
    B! H! S!
    Rah! Rah!

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