• Student Organizations

    Academy students are encouraged to participate in our student organizations. If students have an interest that is not being addressed by one of our current activities they are welcome to seek a faculty advisor and create their own group. 
     - Thursday Meetings 2:45-3:45
    Advisor, Joann Novak
    Business Professionals of America is a national student organization designed to encourage leadership, professionalism and an interest in business and information technology careers. Officers are elected each fall. This is a competitive event and service based organization.
    Green Pioneers
    Advisor, Ann Burke 
    Advisor, Amanda Patrick
    ASE Student Leadership Team
    Advisor, Jessica Willis
    Robotics (Sea, Land, and Air Challenge)
    Advisor, Yamilla Cancel
    This is a new club starting during the 2015-16 school year.This program focuses on developing an interest in engineering concepts through competitive, fun activities which is a powerful way to expose students to STEM career pathways. Regional high school students will gain experience in the design, integration, and testing of sensors (e.g. cameras, temperature sensors, GPS) into Remote Control vehicles. Interaction with engineering mentors will give exposure to ‘real-world’ engineering process and help incorporate scientific skills with hands on experience. 
    Spanish Club 
    Advisor, Janeth Carillo-Rivera
    El Club de Español fosters a mutual relationship between school and local community through events, activities and learning of Spanish language and cultures. Responsibilities: Organizing events (outside and inside) Get involved with the community Get community involved with New Tech Keep track of and promote upcoming events Get students to join/learn about club Support, produce, and present monthly radio program, "Desde los Pasillos de..."
    Travel 2017 - Meetings will begin second semester

    Advisor, Ann Burke
    In the past we have offered a science field experience for high school elective credit in the summer every two years(alternates with foreign language travel). Next summer's trip will be to Belize from June 3-9, 2015. Students participating in the field experience will meet regularly after school during the spring semester, complete fieldwork on site, and submit final papers and reports upon their return to Bloomington.Students will receive one science elective credit, pending School Board approval. Sign up forthe Belize class on echo to receive updates and important information.Registration has been extended until September 29, 2014.

    Advisors, Noel Koontz and Amanda Patrick