•  Extracurricular Activities and Clubs

    Extracurricular activities are valued here at Jackson Creek. Administrators, Counselors, Teachers, sponsors and coaches strive to provide well-organized, meaningful activities for students. It is only through the cooperation and support of all parties involved, to include parents and students, that we are able to provide quality  programs.



    Academic competitions encourage academic achievement by offering the participants recognition and reward. By honoring intellectual achievement, academic competition celebrates scholarship. The objectives of academic competitions are to...

    • showcase Indiana's able scholars

    • involve their families in the thrill of academic excellence, and       

    • provide a rewarding experience for the participant's intellectual performance



    Academic Super Bowl

    The Academic Super bowl is an academic-based group open to all full time Jackson Creek students  that competes in a statewide competition towards the end of each school year.  Students from Jackson Creek compete in four main subject areas - Math, Science, Social Studies, and English.  The material covered is focused on a specific historic time period, such as the Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, the New Era, etc.  Students meet once a week after school hours in order to review material and prepare for the final competition.


    Science Olympiad

    The Science Olympiad team is an academic team open to any student interested in science.   We start in early October and meet every Thursday after school.  We compete in a regional competition in late February.   There are 23 events covering all facets of science.  The team selects 15 members and 3 alternates to compete with two to three students participating in each event.  Some events are based on building (ie:a glider) and others on taking a test (Don't Bug Me) or performing laboratory skills (Crime Busters).  Please check out the Indiana Science Olympiad web site at www.goshen.edu/bio/SciOlymp/SciOly.html for more information.

    National Junior Honor Society

    The National Junior Honor Society is comprised of 8th graders. To apply students must compile a 3.8 cumulative GPA by the end of the 4th Grading Period. These students are invited to fill out an application, which will be distributed in the 5th Grading Period. Applications are reviewed by a faculty advisory committee after which invitations are sent. New members are inducted in May. 




    Builders Club

    Open to all students, the objective of the JCMS Builders Club is to provide opportunities for students  to work together in service to school and community, to encourage loyalty to school, community, and nation, and to develop leadership potential. Builders Club is the middle school part of the Kiwanis International family. Builders Club generally meets after school as well as during select Advisory classes and Office Hours sessions. 


    Book Club

    Book Club gives students in both 7th and 8th grades a chance to eat their lunch and to discuss books of their choice or books by a certain genre.  Book Club is student centered and the group as a whole choose how the club is run whether it be through a traditional book club setting or a book talk share.  Students are welcome to join throughout the year. Book Club generally meets during lunch on pre-announced days. 


    Anime and Manga Club

    Anime and Manga Club meets every Tuesday at lunch in room C209.  Students learn about Japanese graphic novels (Mangas) and Japanese animation (Anime).  Through mangas, anime, drawing contests, food and games, students learn about Japanese culture, language and history through these mediums.


    Disc Golf Club

    JCMS Disc Golf Club is an excellent way to offer your child an opportunity to get outside, to be active and have some fun with friends.  Every Tuesday for the months of September and October, your child is welcome to stay after school and hone his or her disc throwing skills.



    Students are selected to participate by the yearbook advisor early in the school year. Students should have demonstrated excellent academic skills and be available to photograph school events both during and after normal school hours. Experience with a high definition digital camera is helpful.