•  Extracurricular Activities and Clubs

    Extracurricular activities are valued here at Jackson Creek. Administrators, Counselors, Teachers, sponsors and coaches strive to provide well-organized, meaningful activities for students. It is only through the cooperation and support of all parties involved, to include parents and students, that we are able to provide quality  programs.



    Academic Super Bowl

    The Academic Super bowl is an academic-based group that competes in a statewide competition on the last Saturday in April or the first Saturday in May.  Students compete in four main subject areas - Math, Science, Social Studies, and English.  The material covered is focused on a specific historic time period, such as the Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, the New Era, etc.  Students meet once a week after school hours in order to review material and prepare for the competition. Mrs. McGlaun kmcglaun@mccsc.edu and Ms. Driscoll sfariddr@mccsc.edu are the coaches. 


    Science Olympiad

    Science Olympiad is an academic team open to any student interested in science. We start meeting in early October and meet every Tuesday after school. There are 23 events covering all facets of science. Some events are based on building (ex. making a glider or tower), others on knowledge (ex. Anatomy or Meterology) and some are based on performing lab skills (ex. Science Crime Busters). The regional competition is in late February. If we qualify for the state competition, it is usually held at IU on the second Saturday of Spring Break. Please visit the Indiana Science Olympiad web site at https://indianascienceolympiad.org/ for more information. Mr. McCallen amccalle@mccsc.edu is the coach. 

    Speech Team 

    Speech Team is open to any 7th and 8th grader who wants to improve his or her public speaking skills. Our season begins in August and runs to mid-March. We practice on Thursdays during Office Hours and after school on selected Fridays until 4:00. Participants are encouraged, but not required, to attend every practice and every meet. There are approximately three to six meets each season. Participants can choose from a variety of events such as, but not limited to, radio broadcasting, humorous interpretation, original oratory, or extemporaneous speaking. There is no cost to participate, and students can join mid-season. For more information, e-mail Linda Scott at lscott@mccsc.edu


    National Junior Honor Society

    Invitations to apply for NJHS are extended to students who meet the following criteria:

    *7th grade students must compile a 3.8 cumulative GPA by the end of the 4th Grading Period, OR 8th graders with a 3.8 cumulative GPA (including 7th & 8th grade years) at the end of the 4th Grading period.   These students are invited to fill out an application, which will be distributed in the 5th Grading Period.  Students will be asked to provide examples of ways they have helped others  through participation in community, school or volunteer activities. The application also includes an essay and requires one letter of recommendation from a non-family member adult. Applications are reviewed by a faculty advisory committee based on examples of volunteerism, leadership and character. Students accepted into NJHS will be sent an invitation to our induction ceremony in early May.  Mr. Quinby pquinby@mccsc.edu are the sponsors. 

    Current Members:

    Are expected to participate in at least one volunteer activity per grading period and attend our monthly meetings.






    Art Club

    Art Club meets Wednesdays after school from 3-4 PM.  Students are encouraged to explore their creativity.   Ms. Courtney (jmcourtn@mccsc.edu) is the sponsor. 


    Book Club

    Book Club gives students in both 7th and 8th grades a chance to eat their lunch and to discuss books of their choice or books in a certain genre.  Book Club is student centered and the group as a whole choose how the club is run, whether it be in a traditional book club setting or a book talk share.  Students are welcome to attend throughout the year. Book Club generally meets during lunch on Wednesdays. Mrs. McGlaun kmcglaun@mccsc.edu is the sponsor. 


    Chess Club

    Chess Club meets during lunch on Mondays.  Students can learn to play chess or participate in school tournaments.  Some students have participated in local tournaments too.  Mrs. McGlaun kmcglaun@mccsc.edu is the sponsor. 

    Anime and Manga Club

    Anime and Manga Club meets every Tuesday at lunch.  Students learn about Japanese graphic novels (Mangas) and Japanese animation (Anime).  Through mangas, anime, drawing contests, food and games, students learn about Japanese culture, language and history through these mediums. Mrs. McGlaun kmcglaun@mccsc.edu is the sponsor. 


    MakerSpace Club

    MakerSpace Club meets each Monday after school from 3-4 PM.  The club is designed to empower students to be creative.  Students will get a chance to create something that has a purpose using various tools and materials, i.e. cardboard, duct tape, origami, book art, and more. Mrs. McGlaun kmcglaun@mccsc.edu is the sponsor. 


    Dungeons and Dragons

    D&D meets during both lunches on Tuesdays.  Students of any level and skill are welcome to explore the world of Dungeons and Dragons.  Student dungeon masters will take other students through the adventures of this world and students can create their own characters. Mrs. McGlaun kmcglaun@mccsc.edu is the sponsor. 


    Coding Club

    Students who are interested in learning about coding are welcome to attend the meetings every Tuesday after school from 3-4 PM.  Students of all skills can join the club and learn a new programming language or go beyond the hour of code.  Some of the programming languages that will be available to students include Javascript, Java, C++, Scratch Block, HTML/CSS, and Python. Mrs. McGlaun kmcglaun@mccsc.edu is the sponsor. 

    Robotics Club

    Students who are interested in designing, building, coding  and competing a robot meet every Thursday after school from 3-4 PM.  The school uses VEX robotics and competes in VEX IQ.  Mrs. McGlaun kmcglaun@mccsc.edu is the sponsor. 

    Students are selected to participate by the yearbook advisor early in the school year. Students should have demonstrated excellent academic skills and be available to photograph school events both during and after normal school hours. Experience with a high definition digital camera is helpful. Ms. Eads (greads@mccsc.edu) is the sponsor. 


    Best Buddies

    Best Buddies builds one-to-one friendships between people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities, offering social mentoring while improving the quality of life and level of inclusion for a population that is often isolated and excluded. The program fosters friendships between students with and without disabilities, in which they share interests, experiences, and activities. About once a month, Best Buddies will hold an activity for all members to attend. These typically take place during Office Hours on a Thursday morning and some activities will take place during lunches. We try to limit any after school events as we are aware that transportation after school can be challenging for some students. Past monthly activities have included: cookie decorating, Halloween crafts, egg hunt (peers hide the eggs for the students with intellectual and developmental disabilities), movie in the auditorium, tie-dying, and pizza lunch.  Ms. Cox kcox@mccsc.edu is the sponsor.