• Welcome from the Principal

    The way in which schools care about children is reflected in the way they care about the children’s families. If educators view children simply as students, they are likely to see the family as separate from the school. At Childs, we view our students as children, and we recognize both the family and the community as partners with the school in our children’s education and development. It is our goal to recognize each child’s individuality and make each child feel special and included.

    The students, parents, faculty, staff, and community at Childs Elementary School are committed to working together to create a stimulating, enriched environment for all.

    Our teaching philosophy is centered on a firm belief that students need to become active participants in their education. Creating life-long learners is a high priority at our school. This is evident as you walk through the halls, visit the classrooms, and view the products of our thematic and literature-based curriculum.

    We are truly a learning community committed to the health, safety, and academic success of our children.

    - Chris Finley, Principal