• Tri-North Middle School Athletic Guidelines 


    The athletic program at Tri-North Middle School is built on a spirit of friendly competition, sportsmanship, and conduct of the highest level. It embodies consideration for the well being of student athletes, both ours and opponents. It recognizes that athletics is only one component of the total educational process and keep its importance in proper perspective. It recognizes that success or failure cannot be measured in wins or losses but in the effort expended to perform to potential, the sacrifice of self for team goals, the degree of discipline displayed both on and off the court or field, and the extent to which the inherent values of sport are learned.


    We encourage every student to participate in the extracurricular athletic program. Being a member of a Tri-North Middle School athletic team is the fulfillment of an ambition for many students. Attaining this goal carries with it certain responsibilities and traditions. Each member of a Tri-North team will be expected to continue to uphold the traditions that have been established over the years. Students, you have inherited a program that values academics success, positive attitudes, and athletic success; you will be challenged to uphold all three aspects of our program.

    It will not be easy and it will not happen overnight, but as an athlete you will grow over the course of each of your seasons. When you wear the school colors, we assume you will wear them with pride and will accept the responsibility that comes with wearing them. 


    1.  ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY—All athletes are students first and therefore must maintain academic eligibility in order to participate throughout the season. A student must be passing all of his/her classes to retain athletic eligibility. If a student is a member of a team and receives a failing grade on a report card, he/she will not be allowed to participate in any game or performance for a period of three weeks. At the end of the three-week period the athletic director will recheck the student’s grades. If the student on probation has all passing grades at the end of the three weeks, he/she will retain full athletic eligibility. A student on probation who is not passing all classes at the end of the three weeks may be removed from the team. If a student who was eligible with the report card but does receive a failing grade after three weeks (progress report), he/she will receive a warning about possible ineligibility if the failing grade continues with the next report card. If a student is failing a class at the time of tryouts, the athlete may tryout but cannot participate in competition until grades are checked again (the three week check or six weeks’ grading period) and the athlete is passing all his/her classes.  
    A student may not participate in any given sport more than once at each grade level.
    2.  AGE ELIGIBILITY—A student athlete may not participate in a sport if as an eighth grader, he/she is 16 years old by the date of the last event of the sport; or if as a seventh grader he/she is 15 years old by the date of the last event of the sport in which he/she is participating.
    3.  BEHAVIOR—Participation in athletics means more than competition between individuals or schools. It teaches fair play, sportsmanship, following rules, understanding and appreciation of team work, leadership, and that a good work ethic usually means success. 
    • Student athletes are expected to have good behavior in their classrooms and other areas of the school. Constant disruptive behavior could result in probation, loss of participation privileges, or dismissal from the team.
    • Student athletes will be viewed as goodwill ambassadors for Tri-North Middle School. If a student’s conduct during participation in an event is negative in nature, he/she can be removed from competition.
    • On trips, athletes directly represent the community, school, and coaches. It is expected that all concerned will dress in an acceptable manner when traveling and will conduct themselves in a manner meeting each coach’s expectations and guidelines. All school rules apply when a student is participating in the name of Tri-North Middle School. 
    • In the area of athletic competition, a real athlete doesn’t use profanity or illegal tactics. He/she learns the fact that losing is part of the game, and that he/she should be gracious in defeat and modest in victory. It is always courteous to congratulate an opponent on a well-played game after the contest. However if there is nothing good to say to an opponent, one should leave the field rapidly. Good athletes do not display fits of temper, engage in horseplay, etc. When things fail to go as desired or when replaced by a teammate, a true athlete has complete control of himself/herself at all times.
    • Officials in a game are there for the purpose of insuring that both teams receive a fair deal. Officials do not lose games for participants. It is an athletic tradition and rule that no one except the appointed captain talks to the official. He/she should speak in an appropriate tone when clarifying a rule. 
    • If an athlete is removed from a competitive event by an official for an infraction, such as unsportsmanlike conduct, the athlete will be ineligible for participation in his/her next athletic event. This may carry over into the next athletic season in the event the incident occurs during the final competition of a season. 
    • An athlete who is suspended from school will not be permitted to practice, participate in a contest or attend a school function until he/she has been reinstated in school and has competed a full day of classes.
    • The use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco by middle level students is against the law. Any Tri-North athlete found in violation of this law will be removed from his/her team. 
    4.  PHYSICALS—Participation will be permitted only after the student has a physical examination from a licensed physician on file in the athletic director’s office. A signed statement from the parents is also necessary to be able to participate. Cheerleaders and Poms must have physicals also. Forms are available in the office. The physical is valid if dated after May 1 for that school year. If a student who had a physical in another school transfers to Tri-North, he/she will not be permitted to participate until a physical from the former school covering the current year has been mailed or faxed to Tri-North.
    5.  FOLLOWING AN INJURY—If a student is injured during practice or a game and requires a doctor’s care, the student will not be permitted to participate without the clearance from a certified physician. This must be in writing and put on file with the Athletic Director. If a student is absent five or more consecutive days due to illness or injury, that student must present to the athletic director written verification from a licensed physician stating that the student may resume participation.
    6.  PRACTICE—All athletes must attend all practices unless they have a legitimate excuse and have made arrangements with their coach. Any athlete who is absent from school, due to illness, will not be permitted to practice. Athletes must have a minimum of ten practices in their respective sport in order to participate in competitions. 
    7.  ATTENDANCE—Any athlete who is absent from school for a full day on the day of a game for reason of illness, will not be permitted to participate in the athletic event. Exceptions to this rule would include:

    • observance of a major religious holiday,
    • doctor or dental appoints which last longer than expected,
    • attendance at funerals and school field trips. 
    Any exceptions must be prearranged with the attendance office and the school principal. Students who are absent from school for five consecutive days due to illness, or who are physically unable to practice for five consecutive days, due to illness or injury, must present to their coach a statement from a licensed physician that they are again physically fit to participate in athletics.
    8.  PHYSICAL EDUCATION—All athletes are required to participate in the physical education program. Any athlete who is unable to participate in the regular physical education class on the day of a game will not be permitted to participate in the game that evening.
    9.  MULTIPLE TEAM PARTICIPATION—No MCCSC student-athlete may participate in an athletic contest or practice on any other similar team during the same season in which they represent their school in that sport. However, a waiver application may be submitted to the Building Principal for approval to participate in a non-school competition or practice during the same season in which he/she represents his/her school in that sport. A student-athlete must follow the waiver application process and may receive a maximum of two waivers during a contest season to participate in non-school competition or practice. All waivers must be completed and forwarded to the building principal seven (7) days prior to the event.
    A student may participate on more than one Tri-North athletic team during the same period of time when seasons unavoidably overlap. The following guidelines apply:
    • The athlete may not quit a team after the first contest and participate in another sport during that season unless all coaches concerned give their consent.
    • The first team a student is selected for has priority over practice and game commitments. Athletes will have a responsibility to each of the teams or squads in which he/she is a member.
    • An athlete’s participation on a team during the season takes priority over a preseason practice.
    • Due to the extended season of cheerleaders and poms, competitions will take precedence if a conflict arises.
    • Coaches and sponsors will work together in cooperation with the administration for the good of the student if a conflict develops between athletic commitments.
    • Students who participate in two sports at Tri-North which overlap will be under constant review by the athletic director and the principal in order to retain this privilege.
    10.  TRANSPORTATION—All athletes are expected to ride the team bus to and from an athletic event. If a parents/legal guardians desire to take an athlete home, they must give the coach written notice to that effect. Other emergency situations must be cleared through the coach. A parent/guardian may take only his/her student athlete home after the contest. If parents/guardians want their athlete to ride home from the contest with another parent/legal guardian from the team, they must give the coach written notice to that effect. Student athletes must have the MCCSC Emergency Medical Authorization Form on file in the office before they will be permitted to ride an MCCSC bus to any Tri-North athletic event.
    11.  EQUIPMENT—Any equipment issued to a Tri-North athlete is expected to be returned in the same condition it was issued. Failure to return equipment or uniforms will result in compensation to the school for replacement. 
    12.  EMERGENCY MEDICAL FORMS—All student athletes must have on file the MCCSC Emergency Medical Authorization Form in the office before they will be permitted to ride an MCCSC bus to any event.
    13.  ATHLETIC GUIDELINE—Every athlete and their parents/legal guardians must have read the athletic guidelines and turn in all necessary forms before he/she can participate in an athletics contest. ALL SCHOOL RULES APPLY TO ATHLETIC EVENTS. 
    •  Single Event Entry:
      • Adults $3.00
      • Students $1.00
      • Family $7.00 
    •  All Sports Pass: Good for all Tri-North HOME athletic events for the 2013-2014 school year. Some home events are held at Bloomington High School North.
      • Adults $30.00
      • Students $15.00