• Since the 2012-2013 school year Clear Creek Elementary has implemented a proficiency based model approach to academic instruction.  The proficiency based model is also referred to as a competency based model or acceleration model.  This has proven to be very successful for our students.
    Proficiency based education personalizes your child's learning experience.  In many ways it is like an individualized learning plan for your child. 
    The proficiency based education model mirrors the learning that happens in most non-academic settings since learners move to another level once they've reached proficiency (examples: learning to play an instrument, learning a sport).     This approach will accelerate learning for all students.  They will be learning at their instructional level and have no roadblocks to continue to move on to the next level of curriculum when they are ready.  Once a student demonstrates mastery at their current learning level, they will move up to the next learning level, no matter what month of the school year.   Students own their learning. They know where they are on the growth based scales, and their goal setting is a very important component of proficiency based education using data notebooks.  Your child will have an instructional team, working together, to ensure your child reaches his or her highest level of learning in all areas (Math, ELA, Homeroom/Science and Social Studies).