• Superintendent DeMuth

       Letter from the Superintendent regarding ILEARN Testing

     August, 2019  

    This week Indiana school corporations received ILEARN scores. This was the first year for ILEARN, a test that was “computer adaptive” and completely different than ISTEP which was a fixed form test.  It was also very fatiguing for our children with long reading passages that demanded unbelievable stamina along with exceptional computer navigational skills. The content taught by priority standards was not tested by ILEARN.

    Unfortunately, the goal to make public school children and schools look bad continues and what is worse, it is on the backs of these families as taxpayers. Our families, teachers and children do not need the politically assigned grade ILEARN represents. In addition, we just witnessed Indiana being a leader in teen suicides. The continual pressure of testing for our children and staff is taking a toll. Low pass rates and letter grades only work to inhibit, interfere, and negate our efforts to attract and retain high quality teachers for our students. Assigning and/or making public a grade from our Indiana scores supports a strong foundation for undeserved pressure for children, staff, and families.

    It is time to:

    1. Not make student and school grades public due to misrepresentation.


    1. Not assign a grade, or

               Hold harmless all schools as when ISTEP began reverting back to last year’s grade.


    1. Give school corporations the money used for testing to pay teachers and staff.



    Professionally yours,


    Dr. Judith A. DeMuth
    Monroe County Community School Corporation