MCCSC Referendum

  • Thank You for Your Support! 

    Thanks to our community, the 2022 Referendum passed!

    With the referendum funding, we are able to maintain extracurricular activities, compensate staff, and provide excellence in education.


  • referendum timeline

  • Since 2009, the MCCSC referenda have funded excellence within MCCSC : 

    1. Makes teaching and staff salaries competitive in order to attract and attain high-quality teachers (2022)

    Salaried staff received a $4,500 base pay increase 

    Hourly employees received a $2.25 hourly raise beginning November 9, 2022

    2. Funds Programming (2010)

    Alternative High School Programs 

    Experiential learning trips to Bradford Woods and Honey Creek Schoolhouse 


    Creation and Continuation of teaching and staff positions 

    3% of funds toward school materials and supplies 

    3. Reforms Instruction (2010)

    Enhances Professional Learning Communities 

    Reduces and maintains class sizes 

    Creates positions for Literacy coaches

    Creates positions for Interventionists 

    Creates positions for Preventionists

    4. Increases Curriculum (2010)

    Expands World Language options 

    More preschool classrooms 

    International Baccalaureate Curriculum 

    Technology labs and STEM programs (2022)