Bloomington High School North


    The following document, "Comprehensive List of Scholarships", is a list of scholarships that we receive in the Bloomington High School North Guidance Office. It is by no means a complete list of scholarships available. All of the following scholarships can be obtained from Kathy Rillo in the Guidance Office, however, I have also provided a contact name in case you want to obtain the application yourself. Most scholarship applications are now available online.  The scholarships are ordered by due date and I have included some awards (not linked to money) as well. The scholarships listed are generally available to senior level students. If the scholarship is open to other grade levels, it will be indicated under the "Criteria" category. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Rillo, 330-7724 ext. 50220, if you have any questions regarding scholarship information.
     The "Current Scholarships" list includes those scholarships that are either available in the BHSN Guidance Office or the specific scholarship organization has indicated that applications are available online.  The "Current Scholarships" list is the best place to check for a quick perusal of what is available and the list is updated weekly.