• Guidance Department Staff
    Name  E-mail  Students  Ext
     Greg Chaffin  gchaffin@mccsc.edu    A-Coo  50146
     Katie Clarke  kclarke@mccsc.edu  Cop-Ha  52318
     Melanie Humbard  mhumbard@mccsc.edu  Graduation Coach  51552
     Brooke Hostetler  bhostetl@mccsc.edu  Hb-Mg  53775
     Pam Puls  plawrenc@mccsc.edu  Social Worker  50100
     Kathy Rillo  krillo@mccsc.edu  Mh-Sha  50220
     Lori Schulz  lschulz@mccsc.edu  Secretary  51535
     Julie Speer  jlspeer@mccsc.edu  Shb-Z & Dept Chair  53223
    BHSN Guidance and Counseling Department Beliefs and Mission
    The Bloomington High School North counselors believe that all students can be successful and reach their potential. We are sensitive to the diverse needs of our student body and foster an environment of mutual respect.

    The mission of the Bloomington High School North Counseling department is to help each student reach his or her full potential, academically, emotionally, and professionally. We encourage students as they develop a four-year educational plan. During the school day we are available for academic, career, and personal counseling. We serve as the student advocates and facilitate communications between students, parents, teachers, and administrators.