• This section of the website is devoted to the integration of technology into our daily classroom routines. Technology is an ever-growing part of our lives and we feel it is important for our students to be challenged while working at high levels. Technology does not replace something we are doing in the classroom nor is it something that we do by itself. Technology is something that becomes part of the fabric of what we do each day. It is part of our lessons and is something that helps enhance what we are teaching.

    We are fortunate to have a wide range of technology within our school, including a 1:1 student to iPad ratio. All students are assigned an iPad for the school year. While the iPad remains at school, our teachers work hard to integrate them into their daily lessons. Additionally, we have two computer labs that are used for many different activities both as whole class and small group settings. Each classroom in our building is equipped with an iPad, document camera and projector.  These resources coupled with student iPads allow our teachers to provide a wide array of learning experiences for students. 

    With technology being one part of our STEM focus, there are several other technology resources available to classes here at Grandview. These include Smart boards, LEGO robotics kits and 3D printers.  Students use their individual iPads as well as other technology resources as powerful tools to interact with the curriculum.