• Curriculum & Growth Based Report Cards

    Our school is committed to providing a guaranteed and viable curriculum. Curriculum maps, set by the district, list the Essential Learnings (ELs) that will be taught and assessed during each 9-week quarter. Grade Level PLC Teams use a common assessment to determine each student's proficiency for each EL both before and after they have provided instruction.  
    Parents can expect to receive information about their child’s initial and current proficiency on each EL on the growth based report card. The growth based report card will note the starting proficiency level (benchmark) for each EL and will also note the current proficiency level for any EL that has been taught and assessed. The goal is for every student to become proficient (earn at least a 3) in every EL by the end of the school year. If you have questions about the growth-based system or about your child's current proficiency level please contact your child's homeroom teacher at any time.