• How the Well Managed School Model Works in Schools

    Children who lack social skills or are caught in patterns of misbehavior will struggle at school. As a result, they may not develop the life-skills they need to succeed in their education or their lives as a whole.

    To save these children, their needs must be addressed not just at home, but in school where they will spend nearly half of their waking hours. That’s where the Well Managed School Model (Boys Town Education Model®) aims to make a difference.

    The Well Managed School Model (Boys Town Education Model®) is used in thousands of schools nationwide. It focuses on managing behavior, building relationships, and teaching social skills through prevention and proactivity. Our goal is to provide:

    • A curriculum of specific life skills that schools can use to prepare students to succeed both in and out of the classroom
    • Classroom management methods to help teachers reach challenging students and spend more time on teaching
    • Proven intervention strategies for administrators to help them improve positive outcomes for all students

    These components are part of the Well Managed School system-wide approach to creating and encouraging respectful staff-student relationships, changing the way schools address student behavior and and saving children wherever they need to be saved.

    Boys Town  

    At Grandview Elementary, we focus on a new social skill each week. Every Monday morning the skill of the week is highlighted as well as how the skill can be applied in the students' daily life. Below is the list of skills that we will be concentrating on this school year.

    • Following Instructions
    • Accepting No for an Answer
    • Accepting Criticism or a Consequence
    • Greeting Others
    • Disagreeing Appropriately
    • Getting a Teacher's Attention
    • Making an Apology
    • Staying on Task
    • Asking Permission
    • Sharing Something
    • Working with Others
    • Listening
    • Appropriate Voice Tone
    • Accepting Compliments
    • Having a Conversation
    • Asking for Help

    Grade levels have been working on teaching various skills to the rest of the school.  Below are the products that they have created.