• Professional Learning Community (PLC Teams)

    PLC time on Wednesdays permits teachers the collaboration time needed to ensure that every child learns at high levels.  We guarantee the critical content and skills at every grade. The time is also used to ensure that enrichment opportunities are provided to students who have learned the critical content and skills.  
    This is not a new endeavor. Just as in the past, every student participates in Core Instruction in his or her classroom. Every student is assessed by his or her teacher to determine whether the essential learning was learned.   In the past, if a student earned a failing grade it was up to the individual teacher to decide what to do. In many situations, teachers would make their own plan and would schedule time to meet with their students on their own time to try to help the students get caught up. This process of teachers working and planning in isolation has not worked. 
    Because of Wednesday PLC time, every teacher works on a collaborative team which is focused on learning, assessment, intervention, and enrichment. Because of Wednesday PLC time, every student participates in a support or enrichment plan which is implemented during a 30-minute Power Group time that is built into the school day. Because of Wednesday PLC time, teachers collectively develop additional Intervention Plans for students who have not learned even after a Power Group support plan has been implemented. The old adage is true, “Two heads are better than one.” Wednesday PLC time provides teachers with the professional collaboration time that they need in order to ensure that every student learns at high levels.