• The Fairview Staff is extremely proud of our efforts to provide opportunities for student success through the Artful Learning Model. Artful Learning, a national school reform model orchestrated by the Leonard Bernstein Center, was adopted by Fairview Elementary during the 2010-11 academic year.

    Through Artful Learning, we aim to nurture the creative talents and academic achievement of all students within our state of the art downtown school. Students learn best when concepts are introduced and practiced through multiple modalities. Artful Learning enhances learning by presenting curriculum in highly engaging ways, integrating visual, audio, and kinesthetic learning styles. Teaching with arts based strategies leads to increased student engagement, motivation, and collaboration within a more stimulating and joyful learning environment.


    Why Artful Learning for Fairview?

    Through Fairview’s restructuring process staff and community members researched schools for the arts, science and math, language, and project based learning. The Fairview staff and community committee kept returning to the engagement in learning that teachers have stated they see when their students are involved in learning projects or work together as a group along with their love of art and music and drama.

    In March 2008, the Fairview principal, assistant principal and music teacher attended our first Artful Learning teleconference and learned of the Model. They came back and shared with the rest of the Fairview staff, MCCSC Administration, and School Board members. Since that time different members of the Fairview staff, MCCSC Administration, and School Board members have been able to visit schools in Iowa, Illinois, and Florida. Each visit brought excitement and conviction that this was the model the Fairview staff needed for our students.

    It wasn’t enough that Fairview decided to choose the Artful Learning Model. The Bernstein Center also needed to choose Fairview. After numerous conversations and interviews, Fairview was able to sign a contract with Artful Learning in the winter of 2010.

    The following points emphasize the Fairview faculty’s reasons behind our commitment to Artful Learning for Fairview students.

    The focus of Artful Learning is learning.

    We focus on the same essential Indiana standards and core subjectsthat are a part of our curriculum.
    Students will receive the additional support they need. Artful Learning units complement tiered intervention that provides additional instruction to help students meet their learning goals.
    Emphasis on experiential learning enables students to work at their own level.
    Art brings students together in the pursuit of a common creative goal.
    Experience in the arts is important to developing all of the brain’s learning systems.
    The use of the arts engages students and inspires them to deeper and more complex levels of thinking and creates an emotional connection to learning and new studies.
    Artful Learning focuses on a commitment to helping all students see themselves as learners, artists, and scholars.