• Welcome to Childs Elementary School!

    Our Mission

    Childs School is committed to developing internationally minded lifelong learners who collaborate in order to understand, celebrate and impact our interconnected global community.  An enriched environment is created through challenging curriculum, intercultural lines of inquiry and authentic assessment focused on the whole child.

    Our History

    Childs Elementary School was named after Laura G. Childs, a longtime teacher in Bloomington. She taught Botany and Biology at Bloomington High School from 1919 to 1949.  Mrs. Childs passed away in 1955. She was noted for her special interest in and assistance of children.

    School Data

    To view Indiana Department of Education statistics about Childs Elementary, visit the School Snapshot page.

    Student Art Adorns Childs Elementary Building

    Please visit the Childs Mural Page to learn more about this wonderful mural created by Childs Elementary Students.