The Fairview staff, alongside Fairview students, and families have proudly integrated the arts throughout its classrooms for over 10 years. Arts integration is an approach to teaching and learning through which content standards are taught and assessed equitably in and through the arts (Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM). Classroom teachers, arts specialists, and staff collaborate to create lessons that meet the academic needs of the whole child by integrating the arts as a means to engage all learners. These integrated lessons draw from content standards (math, science, reading, and social studies), the arts (music, visual arts, physical movement, and drama), social-emotional learning competencies, and social justice standards. 


    Characteristics of Arts Integration:

    • Lessons draw from Indiana standards and core subjects.

    • Arts integration is a proven effective research-based strategy.

    • Lessons span all subject areas over the course of the school year.

    • Students will receive the same additional support they need – additional instruction to help them learn their curriculum or to extend their learning.

    • Instruction is provided through multiple modalities – the way your child learns best – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

    • Experiential learning is emphasized, enabling students to work at their own level. 

    • Art brings students together in the pursuit of a common goal.

    • Experience in the arts is important to develop all of the brain’s learning systems.

    • The use of the arts engages students and inspires them to deeper and more complex levels of thinking and creates an emotional connection to learning and new studies.

    • Creates lifelong learners.

    Arts Integration at Fairview

    • Connects to 21st Century skills: Critical thinking, information literacy, creativity, media literacy, collaboration, technology literacy, communication, and flexibility

    • Connects to Learning for Justice’s “Social Justice Standards.”

    • Connects to Social Emotional Learning Competencies: Self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, social awareness, relationship skills.

    • Increases student engagement.

    • Increases knowledge retention and deeper understanding (Level 3 or 4 Depth of Knowledge).

    • Connects grade-level content with the arts.

    • Utilizes experiential learning, inquiry, creativity, and reflection.

    • Provides teachers and specialists opportunities to collaborate, ensuring high-quality instruction.



    Fairview's commitment to the arts expanded five years ago to include the performing arts component, wherein our intermediate students are offered opportunities to engage in the arts.  In addition to music, visual art, physical education, and Spanish classes, Fairview students are offered a choice of classes from community artists and special area teachers. Classes offered may vary from year to year. Examples of such classes that may be offered include, but are not limited to Drumming, Drama, Show Choir, Violin, General Music, Physical Education, Ceramics, 2-D Art, Dance.