• Dear Templeton Families, 

    I would like to share two important items with you regarding the start of our school year. We have made changes to our arrival and dismissal routes as well as end-of-day parent pick-up protocol. This summer, we have been working with numerous entities that assisted us in creating the safest procedures for our students and staff. In the maps below, you will find that traffic will no longer be allowed in front of the school, on Brenda Lane, during arrival and dismissal times. We have provided you with alternate paths that will keep traffic away from our students and staff. School buses and vehicles requiring handicap access will be the only vehicles allowed to enter the front of the school or the small parking lot by door #13. There will be numerous staff available during these times to assist with your questions. In addition, we are asking that all parents remain at the top of the hill (parent parking area) during dismissal. This will allow us to exit more quickly and safely. All areas will be marked with signs, cones, and staff. Thank you for your help with these two important matters. 


    2018-2019 Arrival Route


    2018-2019 Dismissal Route