• Tiger Token
    Templeton Tiger Tokens 
    Templeton has introduced a new incentive program school wide to recognize students doing the right thing.  
    • Tiger tokens can be used as an incentive for students exhibiting appropriate behaviors in the lunchroom, during convocations, throughout the hallways, while in special area classes, and on the playground. 
    • Teachers will give Tiger Tokens to students in other classrooms as they see them exhibiting positive behaviors and illustrating our IB Learner Profiles. 
    • Individual Tiger Tokens will be tallied, by the teacher, to earn class incentives such as classroom parties and extra recess.
    Ways to use Tiger Tokens
    1. Popcorn at PTO events                                    5 tokens
    2. Brain Break                                                      5 tokens
    3. Brag Tag Bracelets                                         10 tokens
    4. Lunch with a special area teacher                  10 tokens
    5. Morning announcement privileges                  20 tokens
    6. Special area helper                                         20 tokens
    1.  Extra recess                                                   50 tokens
    2. Classroom parties                                         100 tokens 
    3. Pie the teacher                                              300 tokens
    1. Tape Mr. Livingston to the wall                     1500 tokens 
    2. Make the principals an ice cream sundae    2500 tokens