• Academic Super Bowl

    2020 Topic: The Roaring 20s
    English Sponsor: Mr. Vanore
    Math Sponsors: Ms. Martin and Ms. Williams
    Science Sponsor: Mrs. Davidoff 
    Social Studies Sponsor: Mrs. Porter and Mr. Letman
    Competitions in March and April
    Academic teams are set second semester by student interest and teacher recommendation. Teams usually meet once a week after school to study. The junior high school (junior division) Academic Super Bowl is an academic competition between area schools. Each year, there is an overarching theme from which all questions are derived. In competition, each team is asked 25 multiple choice questions for each of the four subject area rounds and one interdisciplinary round. The team with the most correct answers wins.

    Drama Club
    Sponsors: Mrs. Goodlander and Ms. Webster

    French Club
    Sponsor: Mrs. Goodlander

    Jazz Band
    Sponsor: Mr. Brainard

    Sponsor: Ms. Webster

    Sponsors: Mr. Bodie and Mrs. Cheslock

    Science Olympiad

    Sponsor: Mr. Ritchel



    Sponsor: Mrs. Davis
    Yearbook staff is set in the fall through an application process. All students can participate by submitting photos or original artwork for consideration for the yearbook.  Student designs might make up a border or be featured on a page.