• Indiana High School Equivalency Test (HSE)

    MCCSC Adult Education

    High School Equivalency Test Schedule

    *Daytime tests:  Check-in begins 8:15 am.  Test runs Tuesday 8:30-1:00; Wednesday 8:30-1:25.

    **Evening tests:  Check-in begins 3:45 pm.  Test runs Tuesday 4:00-8:30; Wednesday 4:00-8:55.

    Daytime tests: Check-in begins 8:15 am. Test runs Tuesday 8:30 -12:20, Wednesday 8:30 - 1:55.
    * Evening tests: Check-in begins 3:45 pm. Test runs Tuesday 4:00 - 8:20, Wednesday 4:00 - 9:35.
    Tuesday - Math and Writing
    Wednesday - Science, Reading and Social Studies
    You must pre-register and pre-pay in person before the testing days.
    Cost: $70.00, exact cash, check or money order (we do not accept credit cards).
    Proof of Identify: A non-expired  photo ID showing name, address, date of birth, signature, or photograph.
    Proof of Indiana residency for 30 days: Examples: utility bill, rental agreement, valid Indiana Driver's License or Indiana State ID.
    A valid Indiana Driver's License will satisfy both the proof of identity and the proof of Indiana residency. 
    16 or 17 years old: Must have an Exit Interview signed by a Superintendent of Schools. 
    Note: Test accommodations are available for persons with disabilities that may affect test participation.
    Please contact our office at 812-330-7731 to discuss the need for test accommodations.
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