• Support for Student Success Grade 1 - ELA


    First Grade ELA Focus Skills


    Have daily reading experiences - listen to a story that is read aloud and talk about the story; predict what will happen next; answer questions about the story; discuss whether or not predictions came true. Read aloud to an adult or sibling using stories sent home from school.


    Read and write all upper and lower case letters of the alphabet in correct form.  Recognize sight words (of, no, for, Supernoodle, for, put, to , like, said, you, was, I, my, she,

    her, he, his, where, what, why, when, which, who).

    Decode (sound-out) words using knowledge of blending, vowel sounds, and word families

    (such as: finish, fresh, radish shall, shed, shelf, shell, shin, ship, shop, shovel, shrub, shush,

    shut or branch, ranch).

    Write complete sentences beginning with a capital letter, ending with a period, and using

    correct spacing between letters and words

    Participate in conversations, listening to others and taking turns speaking.
    Write names of people, weekdays and months of the year with capital letters.



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