• ASE Testing Calendar 2017-2018

    Name of Test

    Testing Dates

    Who Tests

    Purpose of Test


    (Reading and Sentence Skills)

    Initial Test: September

    Retest: Two additional testing times (TBA)

    ·         All 9th graders enrolled in CINS students

    ·         Any student enrolled in a dual credit Ivy Tech course (who has not previously met proficient scores)

    Proficient scores in Reading and Sentence Skills (and later, Math), are necessary for ASE students to earn dual credit

    Reading= 76

    Sentence Skills=80

     ACCUPLACER (Indiana DOE Diagnostic Test)

    Fall and Spring

    Juniors and Seniors who have not passed ISTEP or (dual credit) Accuplacer

    Determines “college readiness”

    May be linked to financial aid

    ISTEP Math 10


    Spring 2018


    Students in grade 10

    Graduation Requirement (proficient scores must be met)

    ISTEP E/LA 10



    ECA English 10

    Spring 2018



    Winter 2017/Spring 2018

    Students in grade 10



    Grade 12 re-testers only

    Graduation Requirement (proficient scores must be met)

    Graduation requirement for Class of 2016 and 2017

    ISTEP Science 10

    Spring 2018


    Students enrolled in and completing Biology 1

    Mandated by the DOE but not a graduation requirement


    Wed. Oct. 11 2017

    (at ASE)

    Grades 10 and 11

    DOE pays registration fee for all students in grades 10 and 11

    The PSAT estimates students’ ability to do college level work. Identifies talented Juniors for the National Merit Scholarship Program


    SAT: www.collegeboard.org

    ACT: www.act.org


    ACT: check www.act.org


    Grades 11 and 12

    College Admissions tests