BHSN Social Studies Faculty


    Faculty Member  Room  Phone  Email  Courses Currently Teaching
     Adams, Don 507  x 50130  dadams@mccsc.edu Social Science Honors
     Geography & History of the World Honors

    AP Government


     Aiken, Geoff  508  x 50131  gaiken@mccsc.edu Military History
    U.S. Government
    Geography & History of the World Honors
    Blackburn, Chris  509 x 53728 cblackbu@mccsc.edu Geography & History of the World
    AP World History
    Ethnic Studies
     Green, Harold  511  x 51057  hgreen@mccsc.edu  
    U.S. History
    U.S. History AP 
     Leonard, George  515  x 50195  gleonard@mccsc.edu  
    U.S. History
     Miller, Stacy    510  x 53371 sdmiller@mccsc.edu U.S. History
    Geography & History of the World
     Muehlhaus, Brian (Dept. Chair)  513  x 50204  bmuehlha@mccsc.edu Service Learning
    Senior Internship
    Cadet Teaching
    Community Service - Schools
    Community Service - Non-Profit
     Nelson, Mitchell  503  x 53025  mnelson@mccsc.edu Geography/History of the World 
    AP Economics
    Sturgeon, Christopher  401  x 51451  cjsturge@mccsc.edu  
    World History
    Topics in History: 1960s
    Geography/History of the World 
    Turmail, Jeff 512 x53319 jturmail@mccsc.edu U.S. History



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