The Academy of Science & Entrepreneurship

    The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship is a small, intellectually vibrant, MCCSC high school open to students in Monroe and neighboring counties. It is a New Technology Network college and career prep program primarily using Project-Based Learning strategies and 21st century skills development. In partnership with Ivy Tech, students will earn a high school diploma and college coursework with emphasis in one of the following career pathways:

    • Computer Science (Informatics)

    • Digital & Media Arts

    • Engineering (STEM)

    • Entrepreneurship & Business

    • Life Sciences (BiMed/Tech)

    Students that choose to attend The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship:

    • Have an opportunity to earn a Core 40 and Academic/Technical Honors diploma
    • Have an opportunity to earn 18-30 dual college credits through Ivy Tech
    • Prepare for real careers available in the Monroe County by developing 21st Century Skills in collaboration, agency, oral and written communication
    • Work with local companies to learn real-world skills