• Student Services Provided by JCMS

    Counseling Services

    Students of middle school age facing multiple social, physiological and mental stressors that create opportunities for academic and social education. Counseling services at JCMS provided by Guidance Counselors and Social Workers fall into the category of Student Services and can provide limited interventions and referrals to students who may find themselves overwhelmed. These services are provided utilizing individual crises and advise counseling, small groups, classroom and occasionally school wide guest presentations.

    Transition Services

    Smooth transitions from school to school, Elementary to Middle School or Middle School to High School are considered an essential component to student success in the subsequent years. To this end JCMS Student Services employs a variety of means to inform parents and students of their available choices and responsibilities.

    Parents of new students to JCMS can access basic information that is required for registration and student elective choices by visiting http://mccsc.schoolwires.net/Page/102 the MCCSC Registration page.

    21st Century Scholar Program

    This program is open to all income-eligible 7th and 8th graders who enroll in the program and fulfill a pledge of good citizenship to the state They are then guaranteed the cost of four years of undergraduate college tuition at any participating public college or university in Indiana. If the student attends a private institution, the state will award an amount comparable to that of a public institution. If the student attends a participating proprietary school, the state will award a tuition scholarship equal to that of Ivy Tech Community College. (adapted from SSACI) for more information and to apply online follow this link SSACI.

    Club Referral

    JCMS Guidance and Social Workers all strongly encourage students to become involved in student activities. JCMS offers many opportunities for students to become involved in both athletics and club activities. Some may require a minimal fee to participate which can be waved but many are free. Some meet after school and others meet primarily during school hours. Activities Brochures are available in the JCMS Student Reception Office.

    Sponsors of these activities occasional change so please contact Student Reception for club sponsor contact information. Athletic information can be found on the JCMS Athletics information pages.


    The state of Indiana required testing (ISTEP+) is done in two parts. A written evaluation given in late February and a multiple choice version given in April. 

    The week before testing:

    Move any scheduled appointments to a date outside testing week or to the afternoons if possible.

    Encourage your student to familiarize themselves with the writing process and math concepts such as perimeters, areas, and distance measurement.

    Discuss the upcoming test and what may be happening to help prepare them for it.

    Calculators will be available but you may purchase a simple one that performs addition, subtraction and division for use on the ISTEP. The more familiar the student is with the devise the less stress and anxiety will be experienced.

    The night before testing:

    Ensure your student eats a healthy dinner.

    Plan on a normal nights sleep.

    If possible avoid situations that may cause excessive stress such as arguing.

    Have the student pack their testing supplies and reading material for down times.

    Lay out comfortable clothes that meet the dress code for the next day.

    If stress and anxiety are a problem play a game, go for a walk. Physical and mental activity will help relieve the stress.

    Do not permit your student to attempt to “cram” for any portion of the test. Review writing styles or math formulas but not to the extent that it creates excessive stress and anxiety.

    Help your student create a plan for the testing the following day by discussing:

    • What tests are to be taken?
    • Where will they take it and with whom?
    • Who else is in the test room with them that they know?
    • Build their self-confidence. They have been taught everything on the test. They know it. They only need to write it down.

    The morning of testing:

    Have the student up early enough to enable them to prepare without rushing.

    Eat a healthy but not heavy breakfast. Remember we are testing at 8:00 a.m.

    Go aver the testing schedule so they are familiar with what will be happening that day.

    A good way to set the mood for the day is to mirror what test will be taken while eating breakfast by:

    Reading a well written text on Reading Language Arts test days.

    Perform a few math problems on math days.

    During the test:

    Breath. As simple as it may seem many of our younger students find themselves holding their breath creating unnecessary stress and anxiety.

    Encourage your student to have pencils sharpened (mechanical pencils will not be permitted) and be in their seat early to avoid the rush and additional stress and anxiety.

    Help instill confidence. Get them to “Self talk”. They can do this well!


    Work Permits

    The state of Indiana requires a “Work Permit” be issued to any student 14 years old. These work permits can be issued by the JCMS Guidance Counselor during regular school hours. There are strict guidelines to be followed by any employer hiring students. These guidelines can be found at the Indiana Department of Labor web site under Child labor.



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