Name Position Extention Email
Lacey Grant Counselor (A-Cl) 50628
John Livingston Counselor (Co-G) 51122
Pat Cannon Counseling Director (H-L) 51187
Joel McKay Counselor (M-Ri) 51018
Susan DeVries Social Worker/Counselor (Ro-S) 53706
Abby Wolfe Counselor (T-Z) 50685
Aaron Daniel Graduation Coach 53561
Greg Marchant Social Worker 51005
Amy Coyle Counseling Secretary 50875
  • Do you need contact the school social worker, Mr. Marchant?

    For non-emergency situations please use this form to schedule an appointment with our school social worker, Greg Marchant. If the matter needs immediate attention during the school day please go to the counseling or main office immediately.

    Need assistance after school hours? Please immediately seek assistance from a trusted adult or contact 9-1-1 if it is an emergency.
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