• The following procedures are for new students to enroll at the school serving their residential district.

    • Determine the school(s) serving your residential area

    Review the District Boundary Map to determine which school your student will attend.  If you are unsure of the school, call the administration Office at 330-7700 or the Transportation Office at 330-7719 for assistance.

    • Grade Level assignment:

    Kindergarten - Children must be five years old on or before August 1st to enroll in kindergarten.  Parents should contact the principal to request an early enrollment waiver.  Pre-enrollment for kindergarten begins April 1st.

    First Grade - children who have successfully completed a kindergarten program and/or have attained the age of six years old on or before August 1st will be enrolled in first grade.

    Grades 2-12 - Determined by previous school experiences as verified by school records.  Home School students are typically assigned to an age-appropriate grade.

    • Required documents

    Original or certified copy of birth certificate [passport may also be used to verify date of birth].

    Immunization record.

    Two items to verify home address.

    Verification of custody, if applicable.

    Name, address, and telephone number of previous school.

    If high school student, copy of transcript from previous school.