The Monroe County Community School Corporation values the health and safety of all of our staff and students, therefore, we have five registered nurses that serve our schools.

    School nursing interventions with students who have acute and/or chronic health concerns improve student health and provide a positive impact on school achievement and success. School nurses assist students to develop the skills necessary for successful self-management.

    School nurses provide health promotion, disease prevention education and activities for students, staff and families. While supporting goals to maintain optimal health and encouraging attitudes conducive to life long positive health practices, school nurses effectively impact the community as a whole.

    Students are provided with services that help to appraise, protect, and promote their health.  Services are designed to ensure that each student is able to access a referral to primary care services.  Primary care services can help to control communicable diseases, provide emergency care, and promote healthy habits.

    Healthy students learn better!

    Current MCCSC Health Screenings

    Vision Screening- grade 1- done by IU School of Optometry

               Grade 3- done under the supervision of the MCCSC school nurse

               Grade 8- done under the supervision of the MCCSC school nurse

               Grade 10- done under the supervision of the MCCSC school nurse

    Hearing screening- grades preschool, kindergarten, 1, 4, 7, and 10 done by MCCSC Speech and Hearing Pathologists.