• Title 1 Resources

    Title 1 is the name given to Federal Legislation that provides resources for schools serving a population of students qualifying for Free/Reduced Price Lunches. Because Arlington Heights is a school that meets the guidelines for a “Schoolwide” Title 1 program, the school offers support services to any and all students in grades K-6 needing assistance in order to be successful learners. The Monroe County Community Schools has determined that the model to be used in district elementaries is one of early intervention. Services at Arlington Heights are focused on supporting learning in the following ways:

    1. Teachers and assistants are trained to deliver intensive supports for learning language and literacy skills

    2. Classroom teachers and Title 1 staff coordinate instruction for literacy growth and assessment

    3. Technology programs support beginning reading for students

    4. Professional development services support instruction for all primary classrooms

    5. Instructional supports offer literacy opportunities and resources to all K-2 students, including highly able and disabled students.

    6. Parents are included in Family Literacy and have invitations to join the school in supporting student learning.