• Reading is the most important skill that students can learn. Below are ideas that Parents can use to support their child as they learn to read.


    A lexile is a unit that is used to measure the reading level of a student. The NWEA test which all MCCSC students take in the fall and spring from 2nd grade through 8th grade provides a lexile score under the Reading test. Parents may wonder what the lexile means. To help parents interpret their child's lexile the following chart may be useful. Another useful resource is www.lexile.com.

    Lexile Correlations:

    Lexile Range Grade Level Book Titles Written at This Lexile Range
    200-299 1st grade

    Clifford the Big Red Dog (220); Is Your Mama a Llama? (290)

    300-499 2nd grade Frog and Toad Together (330); The Teacher from the Black Lagoon (380); The Boxcar Children (490)
    500-799 3rd grade Sarah Plain and Tall (560); M. C. Higgins, The Great (620); The Yearling (750)
    600-899 4th grade The Little Prince (710); Tuck Everlasting (770); Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (810)
    700-999 5th grade My Side of the Mountain (810); Johnny Tremain (840)
    800-1030 6th grade Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry (920); Island of the Blue Dolphins (1000)
    850-1099 7th grade Pedro's Journal (1040)
    900-1149 8th grade The Call of the Wild (1120)
    1050-1199 9th grade Undying Glory (1190)


    6 things to think about when reading at home with your child.

    • Reading stimulates creativity in children. Allow your child to select books that they like.
    • For younger students, choose a book with pictures and simple words. Pictures help children figure out words they do not know. Do not cover the pictures.
    • If you can – commit to 15 minutes several times a week to read with your child. Make reading time fun.
    • Talk about the story with your child.
    • Retell the story together.
    • Read to your child. Even children in grades 3-6 like this! Reading to a child helps them build their vocabulary.



    Documents (click to download)

    Reading Comprehension (Handout from 2010 AHE Title 1 Family Night)

    Comprehension - Retelling a Story (Handout from 2010 AHE Title 1 Family Night)