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    School Attendance Matters
    School social workers work to help eliminate barriers that keep students from being successful. One of the barriers is untimely attendance. Why is regular and on-time attendance important to your child's success in school? Much of the teaching starts at the beginning of the day, and even a five minute tardy can disrupt the student's learning as well as the rest of the class' learning. Students who are in class everyday become more familiar with the information that is being taught. Regular attendance is important for students to reach their full academic potential. Listening to the teacher and hearing classmates discuss ideas every day helps your child learn because the brain absorbs information best through repetition and interaction. Repeated absences can cause not only academic struggles but also social isolation from peers. In addition, it is imperative to note that regular attendance as developed in the elementary through high school years not only translates into an enhanced education upon graduation but it also foreshadows increased employment opportunities and economic stability in adulthood for those who show up daily to take advantage of opportunity in their communities.


    We realize that students are sometimes ill, and we certainly do not want them sent to school in such cases.  Please contact your school's office to let us know that your child will not attend that day.  If your child has a chronic health condition that will impact school attendance, please contact your school nurse and social worker to discuss your particular situation. If your child is required to have a doctor's statement due to chronic absences and you believe the illness does not warrant a doctor's office visit, you may bring your child to your school's health office to determine if your child should be in school.

    Older students who develop patterns of willfully refusing to attend school may be referred to the Monroe County Juvenile Probation Department for truancy intervention.

    School social workers are available to help motivate your student as well as to help remove any obstacles (from A-Z) to their daily attendance. Please make an appointment today to meet in person with your school social worker and let's team up for your child's school success! We make daily home visits so please invite us into your home if you are unable to make it in to the school for any reason.

    Indiana State Statutes Regarding Compulsory School Attendance

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