• Professional Learning Community

    Our faculty works together in Professional Learning Community teams. Teachers work together in grade level teams and as a faculty to monitor student progress, examine current instructional practices and their effectiveness, analyze assessment data, identify student strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to address these.

    At weekly PLC meetings, we focus on the following 4 PLC questions:

    Question 1: What do we want our students to learn?

    The Fairview staff has designed curriculum maps in both language arts and math. Staff has selected essential skills or core standards for each nine-week grading period. In language arts the essential learnings chosen at each grade level are a comprehension standard, a writing application standard, and a standard covering a language arts skill that is deemed most important at the grade level. In math the essential learnings chosen for each grade level include a number sense standard, a problem solving standard, and a standard covering a math skill that is deemed most important at the grade level.

    Question 2: How will we know our students have learned these essential learnings or core standards?

    Each grade level has developed common assessments for language arts and math. These are given every three weeks to help students and teachers monitor student growth. This information informs classroom instruction and helps us focus instruction on specific student needs and strengths. All students attend tier groups in math and language arts each day, where they work in small groups on specific learning goals.

    Question 3 and 4: What will we do if students don’t learn and what will we do if they do learn?

    Each student participates in core classroom instruction. Students have 90 minutes for language arts and 60 minutes for math. Outside of this time students meet in small groups to work on their specific learning needs for 45 minutes in language arts and 30 minutes in math.

    The composition of these groups is determined from student common assessment data. These groups are fluid possibly changing every three weeks based on student goals. This allows students to receive additional support when needed or an opportunity to extend their learning.

    Our PLC work is all about learning, collaboration and results!