• Professional Development for Faculty and Staff

    Fairview Elementary teachers and staff entered Artful Learning Level I training with a renewed enthusiasm to organize and present content in a new way through multiple disciplines. The attendance for this week long professional development training was 100% by faculty and staff. Teachers were led through the elements of the artful learning model---- experience, inquire, reflect and create---to experience arts-based strategies and develop a deeper understanding of how to deliver and extend classroom curricular content.


    The arts-based strategies help us focus in areas not typically considered artful.”

    -Jeannette Stolz, Title One teacher


    An important part of Artful Learning professional development and curriculum is its organization and collaborative process. This professional development required Artful Learning trainers and teachers to work as a collaborative learning community, giving educators a common ground for deep conversations about the learning styles of students, and what students needed to know from the Artful Learning Unit of Design. Grade level time spent with Artful Learning trainers was a key element in the process of designing Artful Learning Units.


    Artful Learning has transformed the way I plan lessons. No longer are activities single or individual occurrences, but concepts and processes that are sewn together throughout the year.”

    -Jeannette Stolz, Title One Teacher

     Teachers made connections across curriculum content areas, allowing arts teachers (music, art, and physical education) to become part of the regular classroom curriculum planning process. Teachers were able to utilize their content area knowledge to draw multiple inter-disciplinary connections into the planning of grade level Artful Learning Units of Design.

    I have always wanted to teach like this! I can actually be a partner in the planning process of how to enhance students’ academic skills and knowledge!”

    -Kathy Heise, Music Teacher

    Fairview staff worked with Artful Learning consultants for three years in order to learn the key components of the Artful Learning methodology, create three interdisciplinary units for each grade level and extend our repertoire of arts-based skills and strategies. At the conclusion of our professional development years, we developed a sustainability plan for future Artful Learning implementation.