• Student Artifacts

  • Rough Draft 1.0 of Component Sample

    Student work after 3 sessions


    (PDF of Transcription)

    Rough Draft 1.0 with Feedback

    Both students and teachers posted comments/edits for all of the components.


    6th-8th Grade Student Review

    Led by our HS Equity Ambassadors; all were given the opportunity to discuss and provide written feedback for the six components.

    component 1  Component 2  component 3  component 4 component 5  component 6


    2.0 Draft

    Compilation of sample policies, Student work; organized and color-coded by Equity Project Team


    Draft Policy Submitted to the School Board

    To gather student feedback, small group sessions were held at each high school with each school's Equity Ambassadors prior to submitting the draft to the school board.