• On Tuesday, 9/27/22, at its regular monthly meeting, the MCCSC Board of School Trustees approved a resolution and memoranda of understanding formalizing their support and approval for salary and wage adjustments based upon the passage of the 2022 referendum. 

    In short, the Board approved the following actions to be taken should the November 8, 2022 referendum pass:

    • Hourly employees will receive a $2.25 hourly raise beginning November 9, 2022.
    • Salaried staff will be provided a $4,500 base pay increase beginning with the 2022-2023 school year

    The specific resolution and accompanying memoranda of understanding, including additional details related to this action and a revised 2022-2023 teacher salary schedule that will go into effect with the passage of the November 8, 2022 referendum, can be found here: https://go.boarddocs.com/in/mccsc/Board.nsf/files/CJMKFV5194F0/$file/Resolution%202022-17.%20MOU.pdf


    Click to see the full Referendum Fast Facts.

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    Residents of Monroe County Community School Corporation have a long history of supporting their local public schools. In 2010, voters approved the MCCSC operating levy and in 2016, voters renewed it. The MCCSC operating levy is set to expire this year, and voters have the opportunity to renew it again, and increase it slightly, in a referendum on November 8, 2022.

    As you know, state funding has not kept up with rising costs for many years, putting increasing pressure on the school district’s budget. But we’re also mindful of taxpayers’ budgets, so even if the referendum is approved, your school taxes would remain in the lowest 10% in property tax rates in Indiana.

    Did you know that 93% of referendum funds are used to support teachers and staff? A referendum would support our special education program, provide a reliable budget for purchasing books, supplies and other classroom materials, and most importantly, allow MCCSC to continue to attract and retain high quality teachers and support staff. 

    Please use the information on this website to help you make an informed decision at the polls on November 8. For more information or to get your questions answered, feel free to contact Superintendent Dr. Jeff Hauswald at mccscsupt@mccsc.edu or call 812-330-7700.