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    The Cost

    Residents of Monroe County Community School Corporation have a history of being strong supporters of their school district and we thank you for your dedication to our students. This investment has served our community well!


    A $1.00 increase in per pupil state aid increases aggregate per pupil housing values by about $20.00, indicating that potential residents value education expenditure.
    Source: National Bureau of Economic Research


    Increase in the original referendum tax rate by 4.5¢
    The MCCSC Board of Trustees unanimously approved a November 8 referendum seeking voter approval of an 18.5¢ operating levy referendum rate per $100 of property value. The original 2010 operating levy approved by voters was for a rate of 14¢. The proposed rate is an increase of 4.5¢ cents from the original referendum tax rate, and 9.5¢ cents more than what is currently collected.

    With an 18.5¢ referendum rate per $100 of property, an average home in Monroe County would see a $125 yearly increase above current property taxes, or about $10.40/month.

    House value

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    See the chart at the bottom of this page for additional information.

    Fact 1 - MCCSC’s tax rate is the 8th lowest in the state.
    MCCSC’s current tax rate is 54¢ without the 2016 referendum and is 63¢ with the 2016 referendum. Of the total rate, 9¢ represents the current MCCSC Referendum Rate. The average school district tax rate in Indiana is $1.10.

    Tax Rate Comparisons

    Fact 2 - The ballot language is confusing.
    State law requires school districts to state an operating levy tax increase as a percentage over the non-referendum tax rate. So while the authorized rate would increase from 14¢ to 18.5¢, the ballot will say the increase will be approximately 35-38%. The percent increase appears high because of MCCSC’s extremely low standard tax rate, and because the current approved referendum rate is not included.

    MCCSC anticipates our standard tax to decline as the market value of property in Monroe County climbs, as it has in recent years. Therefore, with the 2022 referendum, our total tax rate will be at or below 72.5¢ - still significantly below the average in Indiana.

    Percentage Increase