• Strong Schools. Strong Community.

    The Plan

    Increase the original referendum tax rate by 4.5¢

    The MCCSC Board of Trustees unanimously approved a November 8 referendum seeking voter approval of an 18.5¢ operating levy referendum rate per $100 of property value. The original 2010 operating levy approved by voters was for a rate of 14¢. 93% of current referendum dollars go to teachers and staff salaries.

    How Money will be spent graph

    How will the money be spent? 

    Teacher salaries

    $4,500 raise per teacher, per year, to make MCCSC more competitive to recruit and retain teachers

    Support staff

    $2.25/hour support staff raise to increase wages to market rates 

    Educational servicesDid You Know

             Additional total spending of $1.2 million per year in each of the following areas:

      • Special Education Services
      • Performing Arts/STEM/Special Programming
      • Additional Staff Support Services

    How were previous referendum dollars spent?

    93% of current referendum dollars go to teachers and staff salaries. 2010 referendum, which was renewed by voters in 2016, focused on fulfilling the MCCSC mission in three ways: restoring programs, finding balance and reforming instruction. Actions taken to fulfill the mission included:

    • Restoring teaching positions
    • Giving students the opportunity for the individual attention they deserve
    • Strengthening programs to assist striving learners
    • Restoring stipends for extracurricular activities that keep so many students engaged
    • Replenishing the General Fund operating balancemove

    What happens if the referendum passes?With Referendum

    If voters pass the November 8, 2022 referendum, it will result in:

    • Stable class sizes and district programs
    • Continued technology support, tools and resources in MCCSC classrooms for all students.
    • Significant investments in Special Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Arts Programs
    • Increased salaries for teachers, an important part of hiring and retaining the best educators.
    • Increased hourly wages for support staff, whose dedication, service and support is essential.

    What happens if the referendum fails?

    Without Referendum

    If voters fail to support the referendum, significant budget reductions will be required to maintain a balanced budget. They could include:

    • Cutting more than 100 positions.
    • Freezing salaries and wages.
    • Significant reductions in programs and services.

    Why a referendum?

    • GREATLY PROTECTS against inadequate state funding.
    • GREATLY EXPANDS PROGRAMS to meet today’s changing educational expectations of our community.
    • KEEPS PACE OF FUNDING to keep staff and teacher wages and salaries at needed levels to attract and retain
    • CONTINUE services and INCREASES programming.