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    The Need

    In 2010, voters approved the MCCSC operating levy and in 2016, voters renewed it. The MCCSC $7.3 million operating levy is set to expire this year. The need for this additional revenue can be summarized this way:

    • 93% of current referendum dollars go to teachers and staff salaries.
    • Without this revenue, the district will have to reduce its budget by $7.3 million.
    • The MCCSC Strategic Plan seeks additional revenue to support teachers, staff and educational programs.

    Not keeping up with inflation
    Since 2010, the MCCSC operating levy has provided $7.3 million annually to support staff salaries and student programs. Had that $7.3 million kept pace with inflation, it would have been worth $9.5 million in 2022. Cumulatively, MCCSC could have collected an additional $9 million if we had levied a property tax rate instead of a specific levy amount. This scenario has created less capacity in 2022 referendum dollars than existed in 2011.

    Referendum Levy Amounts in Today's dollars

    State funding has NOT kept pace with inflation, either. State increases since 2010 have averaged 2% annually, while the Consumer Price Index has increased by an average annual rate of 2.13%, and has exploded in the past year.

    State Basic Tuition Support vs Inflation chart


    Plus lower tax rates than our peers
    Currently, MCCSC tax rates are the 8th lowest in the state. At $0.63 per $100 of property value, which includes our referendum levy of $0.09 in 2022, this is significantly less than most school districts our size.

    Tax Rate Comparison

    Equals a “fiscal cliff.”
    Without an operating levy, and without budget adjustments, our cash balance would drop below zero in two short years, creating a “fiscal cliff.” Falling off that fiscal cliff would likely require educational cuts and wage/salary stagnation. If the operating levy is not renewed, significant budget reductions will be required to maintain a balanced budget.

    Fiscal Cliff

    Strong community support
    Initial surveys and community conversations indicate strong community support for MCCSC and K-12 public education. Our community has a clear understanding of the value MCCSC provides to Monroe County.
    Community members will now have the opportunity to demonstrate support for the third operating levy in November 2022.