• If you live in the University School attendance area, bring the following to school (required by the MCCSC and the State of Indiana):
    > A certified copy of the student's birth certificate or other reliable proof of the student's date of birth
    > Proof of immunization (exact dates).  Click HERE for more information about immunizations.
    > Two forms of proof of residency
    > The name and address of the school the student last attended

    The following articles meet the proof of residency requirements:
    State ID Card
    Deed to Home
    Escrow Papers
    Rent Receipt
    Utility Bills
    Deposit receipt for gas, electric and phone service start-up.
    Major moving company receipt
    Active bank account checkbook with name and address imprinted.

    All articles must have an address that is in the University School attendance area and must have the child's parent name on them.  The two articles must be from different categories.