• Are you an environmentally-conscious student looking to explore issues of energy production, ecological design, and sustainable food sources?
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    Consider participating in our two-week program, Sustainable Futures at Smith College this summer (July 24- August 6, 2022).
    Students in this program are a part of a small community of individuals interested in moving beyond "green" toward understanding what will be necessary to achieve a truly sustainable future.
    "Bit by bit, every moment of my 4 weeks at Smith College transformed me into a newer, stronger and more self-dependent version of myself." - Smith Precollege Alum--"I left feeling like I had learned how to change the world. That the way I interact with the world can be as simple as how I choose my food, or who I choose it from."-Sustainable Futures Alum--Financial aid is available for all programs.Email summerprecollege@smith.edu to learn more.Early application deadline: March 1.Rolling admission.
    students researching in woo
    Are you looking for a meaningful opportunity this summer? Join our 1, 2 or 4-week academic and residential programs at Smith Precollege in Northampton, MA. Study and live on-campus with students from all over the world.
    We are offering courses inCreative Writing 📓 | Women, Gender and Representation🌈 | Sustainable Futures 🌅 Summer Science and Engineering Program 🧪 | College Readiness Workshop 🎓-For female-identified students in grades 9-12.
    Financial aid is available for all programs.
    Email summerprecollege@smith.edu to learn more.
    Rolling admission.
    New Weekend Crash Courses!Women, Gender and Representation
    Title: Reproductive Rights, Justice, and Women’s Archives at Smith CollegeInstructor: Amy HoweDate: Saturday, March 19, 2022, 1–5 p.m.ESTIn this course, we will look at selections from contemporary debates alongside a few key artifacts about reproductive health and justice. Students will leave this course with curiosity about how historical conditions, social movement materials, and critically-informed questions shape contemporary possibilities for our gendered and gender-nonconforming bodies and experiences.Learn more and register.
    Creative WritingTitle: They Don’t Know Who We Be - Writing PoetryInstructor: Claudia WilsonDate: Sunday, March 20, 2022, 1–5 p.m. ESTHow does the self or selves appear in poems? In this four-hour workshop, we will consider art broadly. Whether you are an experienced writer or just beginning, this workshop will give you the necessary tools and inspiration for the next step in your writing journey.Learn More and register.
    What our participants say:
    "Every moment of my 4 weeks at Smith College transformed me into a newer, stronger and more self-dependent version of myself."
    "It prepared me for meeting and socializing with so many new people from so many different places!"
    "It was an amazing experience learning how to live independently and take charge of my own education."