• Definitions

    In-Person Instruction- Instruction that is provided within an MCCSC school building with a live teacher providing daily instruction. 

    Online Academy- A digital learning environment where teacher led instruction is delivered to students via a computer.  Students complete work online (on the computer) and offline (no computer) during the course of their school day.

    Intermittent Online Learning- A short term digital learning environment where teacher led instruction occurs via a computer as needed.  This learning model could occur for as few as 2-3 days or longer.  

    Hybrid Learning- Instruction that includes a combination of in-person instruction at an MCCSC high school building and online instruction provided simultaneously (e.g., two days of in-person and three days of online instruction).

    Canvas- The corporation’s approved learning management system

    Synchronous Teaching- Live teaching that is delivered online. 

    Asynchronous Teaching- Recorded teaching that is delivered online. 

    Neighborhood/Home School- The school that a student is assigned to and would normally attend. 

    Instructional Engagement- Learning activities that are delivered during the school day.

    Drive-Through Wireless- School parking lot based internet network access.

    MiFi Hotspot- Individual cellular enabled internet.

    Non Essential Guests- Individuals that may wish to enter a school and are not students, teachers, administrators, or staff. 

    Facial (face) Coverings- A protective covering or face mask used to protect and prevent the spread of virus from one individual to another. 

    Whole Child Support System- The MCCSC comprehensive system for supporting the academic, behavioral, and social emotional needs of school age students. 

    Confirmed case- CDC definition of a health department verified diagnosis of COVID-19.

    Hot Spot- A CDC identified geographic location with a high number of confirmed cases.

    Social Distancing- The CDC recommended practice of maintaining a minimum of 6 feet or more distance between individuals in an effort to reduce viral spread.