• Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is overseeing the MCCSC Online Academy?

    The MCCSC Online Academy is overseen by the Office of Curriculum & Instruction.  For more information, please visit the website at www.mccsc.edu/onlineacademy or email onlineacademy@mccsc.edu.

    Will this be similar to the online instruction that took place when schools closed due to the Coronavirus in spring 2020?

    No.  That experience required us to plan very quickly to provide instruction without much time for training and other preparations.  The MCCSC Online Academy teachers will receive training and guidance on best practices for online instruction.  Instruction through the MCCSC Online Academy will use MCCSC instructional materials and pacing guides for grades K-8 so students will be learning the same information as students attending school at the traditional buildings.  In addition, students in K-8 will have a mix of live online instruction and independent work.  When possible, instruction will be taught using Project-Based Learning and Hands-On instruction.  All students enrolled in the Online Academy will also receive feedback and grades from teachers.  In addition, the MCCSC online teachers have chosen to be online instructors and have great ideas of how to make the instruction engaging for students.

    Will students receive grades?

     Yes.  Teachers will provide continuous feedback and students will receive grades on their report cards.  However, we know that online learning comes with some scheduling challenges for some households.  Please communicate with the teacher if there’s any concern regarding work completion.

    Will students engage in live, synchronous, online instruction with teachers?

    Students in grades K-8 will have a combination of live, synchronous and asynchronous instruction as well as independent practice work.  Students in grades 9-12 will have predominantly self-paced asynchronous instruction and independent practice work.

    Will my student still be able to earn a Core 40 or Honors diploma?

     Yes!  Students will be able to earn an Indiana Core 40 or Core 40 Honors diploma.  In addition, courses are NCAA Initial Eligibility Center Approved.

    Can my child participate in school sports and activities?

     Yes.  Your child can participate in activities and sports offered at their neighborhood/home school.  We will also offer some optional online clubs for students in grades K-8.

    Can my child switch back to the traditional brick and mortar school if we become less concerned with the virus?

    In an effort to prioritize student learning, maintain consistency, and to allow time for community building, we will only allow students to transfer from in-person to the Online Academy or from the Online Academy to in-person within the first two weeks of school if it is determined that the instructional model is not a good fit for the student.  Students can also transfer at the end of a semester/trimester.

    Will Advanced Placement (AP) and dual credit courses be available?

    Yes!  Students who have met the prerequisites (if applicable) will be able to participate in AP and dual credit courses.

    Will this option be available in future years too?

    We will be assessing and making recommendations in the future.

    Can my child join the MCCSC Online Academy after the school year has started?

    In an effort to prioritize student learning, maintain consistency, and to allow time for community building, we will only allow students to transfer from in-person to the Online Academy or from the Online Academy to in-person within the first two weeks of school if it is determined that the instructional model is not a good fit for the student.  Students can also transfer at the end of a semester/trimester.

    Can students from outside MCCSC attend the Online Academy?

     Yes.  Students from outside the district or who have previously been homeschooled are able to enroll in the MCCSC Online Academy.  Please follow the transfer procedures and form outlined here.  If you have additional questions, please email onlineacademy@mccsc.edu.

    Will my student be able to participate in graduation from their respective home school?

     Yes.  Your child will participate in the graduation ceremony from their respective school.  In addition, the diploma will be from that school.

    How many hours a day will my child spend on school?

    Based on IDOE requirements, students in grades K-6 should spend approximately 5 hours per day on school-related work. Students in middle and high school will spend approximately 6 hours a day on school-related work. This will include live online instruction with the teacher and independent work on assignments. 

    Will the Online Academy follow the MCCSC school calendar?

    Yes, the Online Academy will follow the MCCSC school calendar.

    Is there a place I can send my child to take online instruction that will be supervised while I work?

    We are working with the Boys & Girls Club to offer that service.

    If students with IEPs opt for the Online Academy, will they lose their TORs?

    We are doing our best to keep the same Teachers of Record.

    Can students participate in sports at the middle and high schools if they participate in the Online Academy?

    Yes, current IHSAA guidelines allow for students from online schools to participate in athletics.

    I have an iPad/laptop for my child to use for school. Could she do her schooling from our personal iPad/laptop? Upon registering for the Online Academy, how will our students get the books and materials they need for class?

    All students will be issued an MCCSC student device for use in the Online Academy. A parent may opt to use a personal computer, tablet or internet connected device instead of the school issued device if they would like. MCCSC Information Services department is able to provide technical support for MCCSC issued devices, however, technical support for personal devices including providing specific licensed application access is limited. The vast majority of resources do not require licensed software and are accessible via the Internet and freely available applications.Please contact accounts@mccsc.edu with any questions regarding system requirements for curriculum resource access.

    If a school has a certain emphasis, how will they be taught online?

    All students receive core instruction per the Indiana standards and our pacing guides.

    How will my High Ability child continue to have their academic needs met? 

    The online teachers will work with the in-class ALPS teachers and the Coordinator of High Ability services to accelerate learning.  

    Could my High Ability child return to the in-person ALPS classroom at the end of the semester?  

    Yes, a child can return to the in-person ALPS class at the beginning of the second semester.  They do not have to submit another application.

    Will English language development support be provided to English learners?

    English learner staff will develop Individual Learning Plans (ILP) and ensure that the learning content and delivery are accessible for English learners at their English proficiency level.

    Will English learner accommodations be available?

    All English learners (in-person or online) will be receiving accommodations and classroom modifications indicated in the student’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP). It encompasses the delivery of learning content, appropriate scaffolds and other instructional supports, and assessment. 

    Will students who qualify for free/reduced lunch still be able to get meals from their neighborhood/home school?

    Yes.  More specific details will be available soon.

    Will the Online Academy have any clubs or opportunities for students to socialize outside of their traditional classes?

    Yes!  We plan to offer several opportunities including a STEAM Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Career Chats with various professionals, spirit weeks, student of the month for displaying various traits, etc.  We want the Online Academy to be as close to a traditional school as possible!  If you are interested in leading a club for our students, please let us know!  We’d love someone to lead a Pokémon Club, a Harry Potter Club, a Cooking Club, a Chess Club, or even something else!  In addition, Online Academy students can participate in virtual club offerings from their neighborhood/home school.

    Will my middle school child be able to participate in the same electives they would have done if they attended in-person?

    We will offer electives to the extent possible.  A limited number of electives will be offered.