• Tuition

    Hoosier Hills Childcare Center 2020-2021

      Monday through Friday

    Monday/Wednesday/ Friday

    Infant - 6 wks - 12 months  $955.50  $573.30  $382.20
    Toddler - 1 years - 3 days  $936.00  $561.60  $337.40
    Preschool - 3 yrs old by 8/1/19  $838.00  $503.10  $335.40
    Pre-K - 4 yrs old by 8/1/19  $760.50  $456.30  $304.20
    Due at registration

    Registration Fee - $35  Activity Fee - $40  Deposit - $200 

    Total due at registration $275.00

    All tuition due one month prior to service (ie. August fees are due in July)

    A 2.5% discount is offered per semester when paid in full by 7/31 and 12/20.

    A 5% discount is offered if the entire amount for the school year is paid in full by 7/31.  

     * HHCC students can attend ELC in the summer, subject to availability



    Tuition is due by the 15th day of each month and is paid one month in advance. The ten-month childcare billing cycle begins in July and the final payments will be made in April.

    A $20.00 late fee will be assessed to payments not received by the due date as noted on your monthly statement.

    Fees will not be refunded on days when the center is closed due to inclement weather. Fees that have been collected will be applied to make-up days.

    We offer several methods for payment including:

    Procare Parent Portal

    Payments by phone (812) 330-7830

    Check or money order made out to ELC with your child’s name & school in the memo line

    A late charge of $1.00/per minute will be assessed for any child remaining beyond 5:45 PM.

    Any unpaid balances remaining on the last business day of the month will result in removal from the program.

    A $35.00 re-enrollment will be required upon re-entry to the program.

    Failure to pay fees and delinquent accounts are grounds for termination from all Fee Based Programs (Extended Day; Preschool; EdVenture Camp; Early Learning Center; Hoosier Hills Childcare Center).


    Email (earlylearning@mccsc.edu) one month prior to the date of withdrawal.


    Children who receive funding through CCDF are required to have their parent or guardian slide their participation card every time they enter or leave a program in addition to signing in and out with Procare. Under no circumstances should you ask a staff member to do this for you. We are happy to assist you, but we are not allowed to keep your card or copy a card number or its pin.


    Refunds will only be available at the discretion of the program director.

    Refunds do not apply to “Non-Refundable” fees such as a registration fee, activity fee, or deposit.

    Please allow 6-8 weeks for the refund to process at the end of the school year.


    Enrollment is held on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Please note, enrollment is satisfied when: enrollment forms and fees, immunization records, and birth certificate are received in the office of Early Learning. If a child cannot be admitted immediately because of full enrollment, they will be placed on a waiting list or, if desired, transferred to another program. Enrollment will be processed in two business days. Teachers must have all paperwork before your child can begin attending. The Office of Early Learning will inform you of your child’s first day of school.