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    Hi, Kathleen-


    Do you know any young activists like Cydney who are passionate about social justice and civil liberties issues? The ACLU National Advocacy Institute is the perfect place for young advocates who are eager to hone their advocacy skills and learn strategies for grassroots organizing. This week-long summer program, developed in partnership with the Close Up Foundation, (July 22-28, 2020) in Washington, DC, gives students the unique opportunity to explore important social justice and civil liberties issues directly from ACLU lawyers, experts, and community activists. 


    Key Program Elements (To view a program overview, click here.)

    • Electives covering the ACLU’s wide array of issue areas.
    • Seminars to explore social justice and civil liberties issues.
    • Rally and meetings with elected officials or their staff on Capitol Hill.


    Application (To view application and eligibility requirements, click here.)

    • High school students 15-18 years old. (Must have completed one year of high school by June 2020, and the graduating class of 2020 is welcome to apply.) 

    • Priority Decision: Applications are due February 16th.  

    • Financial Aid: Full and partial scholarships are available. 


    We would love your help sharing this opportunity! Do you know any interested students or colleagues who we should reach out to directly? We can be reached at 703.706.3555 or institute@aclu.org.   


    Thank you again for sharing this with students in your school and network! 






    ACLU Advocacy Institute Team 

    American Civil Liberties Union 

    125 Broad St., New York, NY 10004 

    703.706.3555 | institute@aclu.org 



    Supported By: 

    Close Up Foundation